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Angelina Film

Angelina Film is amazing! This is the sewers replacement for what everyone is calling Mylar. And you don't have to mask the beauty by 10's of 1000's of stitches. Just a light coverage and you are set!

You will see an unbelievable difference in the look of our samples as opposed to the others who use Mylar. Ours sparkle and shine much more because of the lighter coverage of stitches in the designs. Besides the beauty, they take a lot less time to sew! We promise you will love Angelina Film!

All our Film is four inches wide but sometimes you need a wider piece. Just overlap the edges a tiny bit, lay an Angelina Pressing sheet over the area, and use the side of your iron gently to bond the "seam" together. Remove the pressing sheet and let it cool a moment. Viola! You now have a bigger piece of Film.

Kaleidoscope Pack
This package has all 18 Colors. We call this one "the big box of Crayons." If you're like me and you want all the colors, then this is the way to go! Then refill your favorites with the singles.

Single Color
These packs have 1 1/2 yards of a single color.

Three Pack Film
These packs come with three colors. They can be used separate or bonded together to change the look of the film.