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Stumpwork Stichery

This booklet CD is an awesome new technique. It is the most magical type of embroidery. First you sew the dimensional petals...the twist fabric is involved...just thread! They are just so beautiful! I'm sure you will want to put them on lots of things.

Then you hoop up your garment or quilt and sew the background embroidery... the machine will sew a placement line and stop and wait for you to position your first petal.

Then you tell it to go(push the start button)and it stitches the petal down. Unbelieveable!!!

There are thirteen designs in two sizes each. The small ones can be sewn in the 4 inch hoop.

This is sew COOL!

The booklet is small...just sixteen pages but on the CD there are 82 pages of information for you to print out with step by step pictures of every move the embroidery machine makes so that you will know where to place your next flower petal.

Oh get a "Magic Wand" to help you place your petals and so you will not sew your tiny fingers into the design.   Ouch!