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Northwoods Family


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Well…I finally have my moose!  I have wanted to do a garment like this for several years and it’s ready!  For a girl raised in the south western most corner of Arizona…how I came to love moose…I just don’t know, but I do.  :o)  This is a serene scene just waiting for you to add your special touch.  Most of the embroideries are done with appliqué as a base with the stitching adding the detail and depth.  Even the patches of snow have a lightweight batting encased under the light accent stitching.  Although the Moose are totally stitched with embroidery over the appliqué fabric…the fill is light so they really look like they have fur.  If you love the peace and serenity of a North Woods setting…you will love my North Woods Family pattern.  These embroideries would be great on towels and linens for your special cabin…however you use them, I know you will be thrilled!  :o)