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Quick and Easy Silk Screening!

See how quick and easy this new age Silk Screening really is. You’ll be on your way to creating a one of a kind masterpiece in no time at all. This shouldn’t be this easy…but it really is! Be sure to visit our catalog and click on the Silk Screening for all the products you see in the videos.

How-To Videos

Silk Screens and What You Can Do With Them

Showing You How to Silk Screen! 

Paint and Shaving Cream...How to Mix Them!

Blending Your Colors For Beautiful Silk Screening!

Mirroring Your Silk Screens & More!

How to Make Beautiful Borders!

My Fabrics Are Slipping! Help is On the Way!

Make Your Silk Screened Images Permanent with Heat Setting

OH NO! I Made a Mistake! How Can I Get This Paint Out?