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These grab your project and Won't Let Go!

The Grip-n-Grip no-slip mat is the answer to all the prayers of those textile artists that have been frustrated by fabric that won't stay put while embellishing. Those who have tried to paint on fabric, and even those of you applying hot fix rhinestones to a garment, may have prayed to the textile gods for just this very thing!

This 12.5" x 17" mat is made from a heat resistant rubber that won't move about when laid down on a table, and fabric will 'stick' to it rather than slide. You can heat press or iron fabrics directly on this mat, making placement of tiny rhinestones easier as you don't have to move anything to heat set.

I use it when I am silk screening.  Click here to see the video of me in action.

Grip-n-Grip is a great little accessory for any textile artist, this no-slip mat has many, many uses. It helps in hooping embroidery hoops, marking quilt tops, coloring on fabric, making quilt labels, and many other uses. Also great for signing friendship quilts. 

When hooping…lay Grip-n-Grip on the table and place your hoop on top…continue with hooping and your hoop stays put!  No more “just about having the garment hooped and “whoosh!” It moves and you have to start over.  That hoop NEVER moves until you want it to.

Made in the UNITED STATES Yea!!!  $16.95 each