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Hoop Grip

Hoop Grip will hold your fabric within your embroidery hoops, so your fabric will not slip.  Hoop Grip is made to placed around the outer rim of the inside hoop.  It comes in a roll... 1/3” wide by 9 yards long.  You can use Hoop Grip on rulers to keep them from moving while cutting, to keep your sewing machine pedal from runing away from you or even to mark the perfect quarter inch on your sewing machine.  It will basically keep anything from moving, shifting or slipping, try it on different things.

I just tried this some free standing lace I’m testing, and it really keeps the water soluble stabilizer tight!  A roll will do all your hoops with tape left over.  You put it on the outside of the inner hoop.  It has adhesive on it, and it stays there.  If it gets lint on it, and it will... just take a damp cloth and gently wash it off.  Let it dry and it will be sticky again.

How to use Hoop Grop...

Separate your hoop
Measure around the outside of your inner hoop (the one that gets “squished” inside the other one... technical terms you know), add about one inch and make a mark on the yellow.

Both sides of the Hoop Grip are tacky feeling... so it’s easy to get mixed up.

The side that is covered with the yellow is the actual adhesive side and is the one you will adhere to the outside of your inner hoop.

Tear away the yellow covering going 1/2” past the marking you made.

THis stuff is really hard to get separated if you cut where the yellow covering hasn’t been loosened you will probably NEVER get it apart again. smiley

Cut on the line and then fold a little of the yellow tape under.  This is to help you get a start after you use it on one hoop... you know like you do with sealing tape and duct tape.

Apply the side that had the yellow tape on it... you should be able to overlap just a tiny bit.

If for some reason you want to remove the Hoop Grip, just pull it away and stick a pin through the end and hang it on the wall till you want to put it back on.  If it’s a very long time, it might not be sticky any more but for a short period of time, it will sustain the adhesive qualities.

*A Tip From Suzio*

Jim also put strips of the Hoop Grip on the bottom of his inner hoop so the fabrics will slip even less.  Thanks Jim!

Made in the UNITED STATES Yea!!!