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Thread Tweezers

These are the best tweezers you will ever buy!

There is a story that goes with these tweezers and it’s not for the faint of heart…but I’ll tell you anyway!  smiley  If you have been to one of my seminars, it’s possible you may have heard this before but just in case you haven’t…here goes.

Most of you know I have four sons…and we lived on a farm…which meant all those little boys had lots of opportunities for getting splinters, bits of rock or glass, and a myriad of other things lodged in said boys bodies.  MANY years ago when everyone was little, we had lots of “things” to remove…which generally involved a needle and much screaming and gnashing of teeth. 

One day, I came across a pair of these tweezers and I thought “Eureka”!  I had found the perfect answer for removing the bits.  The children were so happy…they no longer screamed while the removal was taking place…in fact they gave the little life savers their very own pet name…are you ready?  This is the faint of heart part…they named them the “booger getters” Oh Dear!  Life is just different when you have a passel of boys! 

As life has a way of doing…the boys grew and moved out…taking their very own pair of “___ _____” with them so they could continue the tradition.

This is about the time the embroidery machines came into the market place.  Oh My!  How am I ever going to rip out my misplaced embroideries?

How to Rip Out an Embroidery Design

I came up with a great duo.  The Ultra Pro Seam Ripper and the Thread Tweezers.  You can use these two tools to remove "embroidery gone wrong" (which happens to the best of us!) Leave it in the hoop or put the design area back in the hoop so the hoop helps hold the area to be rescued and have it stretched taught.  Then scratch at the bobbin threads with the Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper, turn it over, and pull out the threads with the Thread Tweezers.  You need to repeat this until you have all the threads out, but it works beautifully and can save a garment! Just be careful to “scratch”!!!  Don’t dig or cut…just scratch!

Hold the little tweezers with the “butt” end in the palm of your hand and use the 3/8” beveled blade to pull out the majority of the threads.  You will use the tips only when you get down to the very last of the threads that just will not come out…you know…those last two stitches that are glued into the fabric.  Just a little work with those sharp tips and voila!  You are ready to press the area, and re-embroider it.

I promise you will actually LOVE these little sweeties!  They are small…better get two or three!