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Crocheted Crudites

Crocheted Crudités with CD includes 41 embroidery designs to help you create the look of hand crochet with your embroidery machine.  Purses, a lovely shawl, sachet gift bags, a baby blanket, vests, crocheted pockets and points . . . over twenty projects to create with thread.

Crochet...just the word evokes warm fuzzy feelings awakened from our past.  Warm baby blankets when we were small, snuggly slippers that Grandma made us for that special present, a favorite sweater we just can’t bare to throw away...all of this comes rushing back when we think of Crochet.  We have taken this time-honored needlework to a new level...Computer Crochet.  With the advent of the home embroidery machine and the relatively new, heavier cotton threads, it was only a matter of time before we automated the art of Crochet.

In Crochet Crudités, you will find many exciting projects to create from just thread.  This statement is so much fun to say...just thread.  smiley image  Imagine, making a baby blanket, a potpourri holder, a summer top, and even an entire shawl...from just thread.  I can’t tell you how much fun the first class of students had creating with this book and some of the designs included in it.

Along with the multiple projects that are in the book, there is a CD-ROM containing a total of forty-one different embroidery designs.  There are thirty-three files for creating beautiful crochet pieces that can be used in a myriad of different ways...and also eight vintage, floral designs for your embroidering pleasure and creativity.  You will also find on the CD...the pictures that are printed here in the book.  Why is that important?  By having the pictures on the CD in JPEG format, you will be able to see the detail when you open them in any graphics program, including Microsoft Paint™.  This will give much greater detail than just the small printed pictures available on the color pages.

Besides the great projects that are contained inside, there is a new addiction awaiting you...the heavier threads that comprise the pieces we will be making.  Not only the new Sulky Cotton threads, but Perfect Quilter thread by Superior Threads, the 12 and 28 weight cotton Mako thread by Tristan Embroidery Supply and the Colours cotton quilting thread by YLI.  All are exciting additions to your thread library.  Each one has different colors, slightly different weights, textures and different color variegations.  This is the beginning of many happy hours of creating with your sewing machine.

I hope you will enjoy creating some or all of the exciting new types of projects contained herein.  I know you will find many to add to your gift giving list and maybe a few to keep for yourself.  Happy Crocheting!  smiley image


View & Print the Design Pages

System Requirements needed to use the enclosed CD-ROM . . . You need a computer with a CD-ROM drive.

This CD-ROM is Formatted for . . .


The designs contained on the CD-ROM included with this book require you to have a hoop embroidery machine.  You will also need the software required by your sewing machine manufacturer to allow the transference of designs from your home computer to your sewing machine.  Some examples are:

PC Designer for Pfaff or Creative Customizing for Pfaff

All Husqvarna/Viking Software, etc. . .

All home embroidery software supported.

In order to utilize the patterns, motifs and techniques included in this book and CD-ROM, you will need the use of a home computer in either PC or Macintosh.

Refer to the Licensing Agreement on page one of this book.

A Little About Me and Crocheted Crudités

3 – 4



Let’s Talk about Crocheted Crudités


Getting Started with Threads, Threads and More Threads

7, 9 & 9

Getting Started with Supplies – Stabilizers


Getting Started with Supplies – Needles


Getting Started with Supplies – Machine Feet

12 – 13

Getting Started with Supplies – Miscellaneous


Getting Started with Supplies – Removing the Stabilizer


Shopping List


Let’s Get Started – General Directions


Getting Ready to Stitch – Machine Setup


The Projects – Color Pictures  

19 – 22

Stitching Information for Floral Designs – Color Pictures


Let’s Sew Crocheted Edges

24 – 25

Let’s Create the Crocheted Edges


The Read Me Text from the CD ROM

27 – 29

Using the CD-ROM


Blue Linen Creation


Divine Red Top


Zig Zag Crop Top


Doll Accessories


Southwest Triangles Vest


Crocheted Denim


Pocket & Points


Rainbow Sherbet Baby Blanket


Potpourri Sachets


Fiesta Gift Bag


Crocheted Boa


Summer Days Café Curtain


Crocheted Purses


Options for Crocheted Purses


Purse for 4" x 4 " machines


Crocheted Chatelaine

46 – 47

Embellished Towels

48 – 49

Sweet ‘N’ Sassy Hand Bag

50 – 51

Pacific Highways Vest


Summer Crocheted Top

53 – 54

Jewell of the Nile Shawl

55 – 56

Let’s Talk About Copyright Issues and the CD-ROM


Suppliers Section


A Message from Me


Other Products and Publications


Thanks to Supporting Companies