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Landscaping 'N' Lace

Cindy has done it again…another new idea in creating.  Embellish your garments using these printable motifs, ready to print on printer fabric.  A lovely rock path, several trees, a rushing stream and a beautiful English Cottage complete the set.  And to top it off, twelve stylized embroidery designs including several flowering shrubs, ferns, an interesting tree, a quaint Victorian lamp post and a beautiful little lace design to embellish your cottage and any neckline or sleeve edge.

Instead of landscaping just on quilts…take it to a new level creating wearable art too.  In this booklet/CD-ROM combination, you will learn to print on printer fabric using the wonderful Colorfast Printer Fabric Sheets or, if you prefer, use the easy to follow guidelines to make your own fabric sheets using Bubble Jet 2000.  You’ll learn to create lace with your embroidery machine, get help with Cindy’s foolproof hooping and stabilizing tips, find lots of interesting ways to arrange your landscape creatively on your garments and much more.   You’re sure to love this new way of landscaping.


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First of all, thank you for buying this new way of creating.  I hope this will bring you many new and creative ideas for embellishing your garments.

You will find many interesting types of foliage plants...including shrubs, flowers, and grasses.  Some of the designs look the same.  Actually, in some cases they are the same, just different sizes...but in the grass designs, one pattern is a very light straight stitch grass while the other one is a triple stitched variety for a much heavier look.  All of these designs have been tested and tested for sew-ability.  They have been sewn on many different types of fabrics and machines.

Some of the designs will sew denser than others you may have in your design library.  This added dimension will make your landscapes have a realistic look that you won’t find in just any run of the mill designs.  It also gives you the option, with the designs that have more than one color, of omitting the second color which gives you a light and airy look.  For example, the beautiful can opt to sew this with all three colors of the vines or just use one can opt to just sew the greenery and not put any flowers on it.  Also, I noticed that it looked very nice without the vines as a low shrub one might find below a window or at the front of the yard.  I decided to put it on the CD without any vines so that when you use your trace feature on your machine, you would get an exact placement of the shrub itself.

I hope you will enjoy the designs and the methods of creating with Landscaping 'N' Lace.


Table of Contents...






Let’s Talk



6 – 8

Shopping List


Thread Conversion Chart


Background Preparation


Let‘s Get Started

12 & 13

Getting Ready To Stitch


Erasing Memories


A Few Thoughts

16 & 17

Color Picture


Creating Trees

19 & 20

Large Fern

21 – 25

Wispy Ferns on Left


Small Fern by Pond on Left

26 & 27

Tiny Fern by Waterfall


Fern at Base of Tree on Right

28 & 29

Creative Designer and PC Designer


Fern in Bottom Right Corner


Creating the Fern with the CD or PCD Software

32 – 35

Clover Bush

36 & 37

Small Fern in Center of Picture

38 & 39

Ferns on Bottom Left

40 & 41

Vines at Center of Scene


Small Ferns at Center Pond


Tiny Butterfly




Fairy Fantasia Pattern


Putting it All Together

47 & 48

Stitch Reference Pages

49 & 50

Comparison Charts

51 – 55



A Message from Me


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