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Secluded Serenity

Secluded Serenity with CD includes 23 embroidery designs, printable patterns, printable motifs for the 12 scenes such as Grist Mills, Lighthouses and Cottages to print on printer fabric.

In Secluded Serenity, you will find lovely, romantic scenes to create.  I am definitely a romantic at heart.  Throughout my life, I have had daydreams about Cottages, Sea Shores, Misty Mornings and Country Gardens.  So it’s no surprise that I have a love of one of today’s most popular artists, Thomas Kinkade.  His work is an inspiration to me.  I can sit and look at his paintings for hours, imagining where the scene is, who is home in the cottages, what the people are like who live know...just like you used to do when you daydreamed as a kid.


In today’s troubled times I think we all need a little time to reflect and to daydream about simpler, quieter times when we didn’t have quite so much to do.  So it is with Secluded Serenity...Look through the book, peruse the CD, and decide which scene will help you sooth the trials of today by helping you create the beauty of tomorrow.

Come along with me while I explain and detail the uses for the information contained herein.

In Secluded Serenity, we have a new concept of creativity.  You will find on the enclosed CD-ROM, twelve sets of patterns that are printable on your ink jet printer.  You will find printable placement guides to make assembling your scenes much easier.  You will find pictures of the fabric layouts for guidance in picking fabrics.  You will find twenty-three exciting embroidery designs in two sizes to get you started right away with creating your masterpieces.  And you will find special, printable motifs to make your creations come to life. 

View & Print the Design Pages

A Little About Me and Secluded Serenity

3 – 4



A Little about Secluded Serenity


Getting Started with Computer Printer Fabric


Getting Started with Supplies – Needles and Bobbin Thread


Getting Started with Supplies – Machine Feet


Getting Started with Supplies – Snips, Thread, and Pressing Sheets


Getting Started with Supplies – Stabilizers

11 – 12

Fabric Selection


Shopping List


Let’s Get Started – General Directions

15 & 16

Getting Ready to Stitch – Machine Setup


A Few Thoughts About Scenery Ingredients


The Scenes – Color Pictures  

19 – 22

The Designs – Color Pictures

23 – 24

The Designs – Stitching Information

25 – 27

The Read Me Text from the CD ROM

28 – 30

Let’s Talk About Copyright Issues and the CD-ROM


Using the CD-ROM


Printing the Patterns

33 – 35

What About This Miracle Printer Fabric?

36 – 38

Making Your Own Printer Fabric


Using the Printer

39 – 40

Creating Skies

41 – 42

Using the Printed Motifs


A Word About the Individual Scene Directions

44 –  45

Stitches You Can Use For Covering What’s Left


Scene 1

47 – 48

Scene 2

49 – 50

Scene 3

51 – 52

Scene 4

53 – 54

Scene 5

55 – 56

Scene 6

57 – 58

Scene 7

59 – 60

Scene 8

61 – 62

Scene 9

63 – 64

Scene 10

65 – 66

Scene 11

67 – 68

Scene 12

69 – 70

Finishing Up

71 – 72

Suppliers Section


A Message from Me


Other Products and Publications


Pattern for Water



There are Cottages, Arbors, Grist Mills, Lighthouses, a Covered Bridge and several skies for that special touch and many more things that will make working and designing with this book, an exciting, creative journey.  All of the images are hand painted by me.  They are there in a pre-sized PDF format and also in 300 dpi jpegs for those of you who want to step out of the box and create your own scenes.  smiley image

You will also find basic instructions for working with your computer to get the best quality when printing on fabric sheets…creating your own fabric sheets with Bubble Jet Set 2000, using the CD-ROM, creative ideas for using your embroidery designs, also, lots of great hooping and stabilizing directions.