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Winter Solstice

Use cords, and some upside down work to create the trunk of the trees, laden with snow.  New methods for texturizing and pointers for giving your work that three-dimensional look.  The CD-ROM contains the printable patterns for the scene construction with many, hand painted motifs of mountains, barns, lighthouses in winter and some quaint cottages, ready for you to print onto printer fabric.

There are large trees that are sectioned into three pieces so that the small machines can sew them in three hoopings and the mega hoops can sew them all at one time.   Lots of choices for letting the embroidery machine do it all or add some decorative stitches with heavy thread in the bobbin for texture.

You will be excited by the beauty you can make with your embroidery / sewing machine.  Just a little thread and fabric and a bit of help from Cindy will have you brushing snowflakes off your nose.


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Table of Contents...




A Little About Me and Winter Solstice


A Little about Winter Solstice


Getting Started with Computer Printer Fabric


Getting Started with Supplies – Needles and Bobbin Thread


Getting Started with Supplies – Machine Feet


Getting Started with Supplies – Snips, Thread, and Pressing Sheets

9 - 10

Getting Started with Supplies – Stabilizers

11 – 13

Fabric Selection


Shopping List


Let’s Get Started – General Directions

16 – 18

Getting Ready to Stitch – Machine Setup


The Scenes – Color Pictures  

20 – 22

The Designs – Color Pictures

23 – 25

A Few Notes About the Designs

26 – 27

Let’s Talk About Copyright Issues and the CD-ROM


Using the CD-ROM


Printing the Patterns

30 – 32

What About This Miracle Printer Fabric?

33 – 34

Making Your Own Printer Fabric


Printing the Motifs in Adobe PDF files

36 – 38

Setting up the Printer to print JPEG files

39 – 41

Important Information about using your printed motifs


Special Instructions for Winter Solstice


Creating Skies

43 – 44

Using the Printed Motifs


A Word About the Individual Scene Directions

46 – 47

Creating Garments with the scenes


Hooping Help 

49 – 51

Stitches You Can Use For Covering What’s Left


Scene 1

53 – 54

Scene 2

55 – 56

Scene 3

57 – 58

Scene 4

59 – 60

Scene 5

61 – 62

Scene 6

63 – 64

Scene 7

65 – 66

Finishing Up

67 – 68

Other People Involved in the creation of this book


A Message from Me


A Few Words About Scenery Ingredients


Other Products and Publications

72 – 73


A Little about me and Winter Solstice…

I have always loved winter.  Growing up in Yuma, Arizona...where it hardly ever rains, and never, ever would think I hated winter.  On the contrary...I have always felt it to be the most peaceful and inviting time of year.  I know there are others out there who are closet winter lovers.  When people around us are bemoaning the cold and the wind and the SNOW...we are secretly saying to ourselves…“Well, I love winter.”  I know this because I have always said how much I loved winter...even out loud and guess what?  Others have chimed in and echoed my feelings. 

Several of you winter lovers have mentioned to me that I have totally ignored this beautiful time of year. it is, our book.    Full of serene scenes that will take you back to a simpler time of life.  When life wasn’t so full of schedules, mortgages, grumpy bosses and stressed out lives. 

Probably the first thing those of you who have purchased my other books will notice about this book is the unusual amount of scenes it contains.  It has seven...why seven?  When I started out to create this book, I had my mind set on six beautiful I began the creating process, more and more ideas came to mind and I kept saying to myself, “Remember, only six.”  Well, as you can see, we ended up with one more than planned. 

Another thing you will notice is the amount of beautiful designs included on the CD Rom.  There are lots of trees, various forms of wildlife, shrubs and most amazingly, six huge trees that are created in segments so that even the small hoop machines can create beautiful, large trees.

There are tips for hooping, ideas for texturing, suggestions for interesting thread usage...more ideas on using the scenes creatively, better directions for printing on fabric...lots more of everything to help you create beautiful landscape art. 

As a teacher, I often hear the word can’t.  Can’t is the most debilitating word in our vocabulary.  It squelches creativity and progress.  I hope that you, when presented with a new set of challenges...will say, instead of using that four letter word, can’’ll use an almost forgotten phrase...I’ll try.  You just never know how far you will go, how high you can climb, or how far you can reach by just saying, I’ll try.

Since developing my first book of scenes using the printer fabric and specially digitized embroidery designs, I have been witness to many of you who have watched and learned how to create with this fabulous technique.   It has been wonderful to see you stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.   I have seen your work and shared your excitement!  It is my hope that with these new winter scenes, you will continue to spread your creative wings and fly.

I hope Winter Solstice will excite you and keep you creatively involved for many years to come.  I know I have thoroughly enjoyed creating it, writing about it and living with it for the last six months.  Now I turn it over to you...create with it, play with it and enjoy it.