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Kittens in My Garden

Kittens in My Garden...98 fun and creative embroideries...formatted for all machines.  They're everywhere you look…under the steps, in a basket, on the porch swing…if you look closely, you might even see one peeking out from under the shrubbery.  If you love cats or know someone who loves cats, this book is for you. 

You will learn Cindy's quick and easy method for creating with fabric, thread and with printer fabric to bring life to your landscaping…along with the added spice of a kitten or two.  The included CD is multi-formatted for all embroidery machines.  You can use these scenes to create small wall hangings that can be used alone or sewn into a quilt.  They can also be used in creating garments such as vests and sweatshirts or other garments.  Learn the creative art of fabric landscaping along with a little help from your friends...Meow! 


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Table of Contents...




A Little About Me and Kittens in My Garden


Let’s Talk about Kittens in My Garden


Getting Started with Computer Printer Fabric

6 – 7

Getting Started with Supplies – Needles and Bobbin Thread


Getting Started with Supplies – Machine Feet


Getting Started with Supplies – Snips, Scissors, Threads

10 – 11

Getting Started with Supplies – Fusible Web and Pressing Sheets


Getting Started with Supplies – Stabilizers

13 – 14

Fabric Selection and Sky Fabric


Shopping List


Let’s Get Started – General Directions

17 – 19

Getting Ready to Stitch – Machine Setup


The Scenes – Color Pictures  

21 – 23

The Designs – Color Pictures

24 – 25

Kitten Stitching Page – A little help for my friends...


All About the Designs

27 – 31

Let’s Talk About Copyright Issues and the CD-ROM


Loading the Designs

33 – 34

Using the CD-ROM


Printing the Patterns

36 – 38

What About This Miracle Printer Fabric?

39 – 40

Making Your Own Printer Fabric


Printing the Motifs in Adobe PDF files

42 – 44

Setting up the Printer to print JPEG files

45 – 47

Important Information About Using Your Printed Motifs


Creating Skies

49 – 50

Using the Printed Motifs


A Word About the Individual Scene Directions


Stitches You Can Use For Covering What’s Left


Creating Garments with the Scenes


Hooping Help 

55 – 57

Templates – Creating and Using Templates for Embroidery Designs


Scene 1

59 – 60

Scene 2

61 – 62

Scene 3

63 – 64

Scene 4

65 – 66

Scene 5

67 – 68

Scene 6

69 – 70

Optional Tree


Finishing Up

72 – 73

Other People Involved in the Creation of This Book


A Message from Me


Multi Format Books, Patterns, CD’s and other Products

76 – 80


A Little about me and Kittens in My Garden…

I love cats!  Just before you dog lovers out there revolt, I love dogs too!  I am very much an animal on a dairy and hog farm for the last 30 years has been a wonderful way to indulge my passion for our furry friends.  We have had up to eleven dogs and countless cats.  Besides giving us companionship, they were a working part of the farm...the dogs in helping to control the wayward cows when getting them home from the pasture and the cats in helping to keep the mouse population at a manageable level. 

When my husband and I were in the milk house together, we would have a bevy of cats and kittens just watching and waiting for the ever present warm milk.  Something I never learned to do was to milk the cow and squirt the felines so that they could lap up the fresh milk.  Of course, my hubby was an expert at it...having milked since he was very young...and having much stronger hands than I.    I never tired of watching the show and I never saw the cats and kittens turn down the treat.

But how does this have anything to do with our book?  Through all my years here and while growing up...I have been allergic to our feline friends.  Even as a child, when I played with the kittens, I broke out in painful welts and itched for hours.  My nose runs and I sneeze, sneeze, and sneeze when I’m in close contact with them.  My mother tried diligently to save me from the agony but to no avail...I wanted to play with the kittens!  I couldn’t think past their cute little faces and their funny antics.  Any time I had the chance, I was outside playing with the kittens.  I took shots twice a week for eleven years and it still didn’t help.  So, after I hit my teens, I refused to get the shots.  They hurt!  And they made my arm swell up for several days.  Which was worse, the kittens or the shots?  Definitely the shots!  

This book is written for all the millions of cat lovers out there and for all the people like me, who love them, but can’t always be in close contact with them…Now we can “play” with the kittens too! 

You will find six adorable scenes and eight sweet kittens.  There is even one playing with a lady bug.  There’s also a mama and her three kittens.  And be sure to check out scene five...somebody is in trouble now!  Ah Oh! 

There are many wonderfully creative plants, trees and unusual gardening accents for your designing pleasure.  I just know you will love “playing” with the kittens as much as I have had with them while creating the scenes.

Have fun!