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Lets Get Creative!

Lets Get Creative!...Bonus!  42 embroidery designs so that you can either do the projects with decorative stitches from your model machine or use your embroidery machine to help you create the magic even more quickly!  Learn some basics!  So you don’t have an embroidery machine…you too can be creative!  Cindy touches on many of the techniques that are the basis for creative sewing.  Beautiful designs that can be made easily with your sewing machine stitches.  In this book you will learn about:

Appliqué – Coasters and a Sassy Parrot
Couching – Drawstring Purse
Bobbin Work - Sweatshirt
Crochet Lace Edges – Table Cover
Cutwork – Evening Purse
Sewing – Slippers
Patchwork – Scottie Dog Pillow
Landscape Art – Wallhangings and Greeting Cards
Antique Embroidery – Greeting Cards and a lovely hanky



Lots of techniques rolled into one terrific book!  Easy to follow instructions even for the beginner.  You will love learning for the first time or brushing up on some old skills again.  The projects are divine and the possibilities are endless.  And…don’t forget...for those of you with embroidery machines, you will find a CD ROM in the back filled with beautiful designs you can use with your embroidery unit…they are in every format! 

View & Print The Design Pages

I have been sewing since I was a little girl.  My Mom and Grandma were excellent seamstresses...Mother was the perfectionist, Grandma the speed demon.  Just get it done was her motto.  I remember when I would stay with her and it would be time for my afternoon nap...Grandma would sit down and start to sew and my how the windows and floor would rattle.    I thought she could do anything! 

When my life of sewing began, I had just a basic machine as most of us do when we start out.  It was amazing the things I could make that little machine do.  Then someone named Jo Ann Beach introduced me to cutwork, appliqué, quilting, monogramming and free motion embroidery.  Oh My!  Somebody opened the doors of my cage and set me free.  There wasn’t anything I didn’t think I could do!  The more I did the more I wanted to do. 

The one thing that has always remained constant was how much you can really do with just a basic machine.  I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy all the fantastic features on all the machines that I now own, but a person shouldn’t think that just because their machine isn’t the top of the line, they can’t create wonderful works of art.

In this book we will learn the basics of machine art.  You will learn how to do...Applique while you are creating a Sassy Parrot sweatshirt, Couching on a evening bag, Upside Down Magic on a sweater, Crochet Lace Edges with your decorative stitches, Cutwork on a lovely hanky, Sewing on some cute fuzzy slippers, Patchwork while creating a pillow with or without a Scottie dog embroidery, Landscape Art embroidery using decorative stitches while creating four beautiful cards, Hardanger on a hankie and lots more!  And...for those of you who have a hoop embroidery machine, there are beautiful embroidery designs on the enclosed multi-format CD ROM to create each and every one of these wonderful projects.

So you see, what ever the methods that you like to use to create...they’re all here for your sewing or embroidery machine and for your creating pleasure.  I’m sure you will have many happy hours working on the wonderful treasures you will find in Let‘s Get Creative!...

A Few Special Things...

  • If you are buying this book as a beginner guide to creative sewing, there a whole new world of cool stuff to learn about.
  • Many, many types of products and methods that you have never heard of before but by using them...they will make your creative life fabulous!
  • You will also wonder if you will be able to do any of the many techniques you will find in these pages.
  • Where do you start?
  • If you are very new to creative sewing, I would recommend starting with the Applique section.
  • Applique will help you to learn many things that will make working on the other techniques much easier.  Decide which technique you want to work with and gather the supplies you need for the project.
  • I you work through many of the projects, your knowledge of creative sewing will grow by leaps and bounds.
  • For those of you who have traveled farther on your creative journey, this book can be a source for broadening your horizons...from the patterns for applique and upside down work to the ideas for the projects and the embroidery designs on the CD-ROM...You will find very good instructions on many different techniques that you may not have tried or would like to brush up on.
  • Let’s Get Creative!...has been one of my hardest books to write...I hope it will be one of the best for you.  There is much I have learned and created and taught but never have I put as many projects and techniques in one publication as I have with Let’s Get Creative!
  • It didn’t seem as though I would ever finish...but it is now a reality...I hope it will be a creative guidebook that you will refer to time and time again for it’s many techniques and methods and it’s bounty of projects.  From my heart to yours...Enjoy!