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Ready to Wear with Flair!

This book is so exciting! I worked on it for over a year and it's finally a reality. 22 sweatshirt / ready made garment modifications. These definitely are ones you can wear to Becky Homecky here. (Sorry all you Home Ec offense intended...I just remember my first projects). 

These are beautiful and elegant...some are a piece of cake to make, some take a little more time. So many different styles...I put 5 or 6 of these in the photos section of our Yahoo Group page for you to peek at.

There are over 150 designs for everything in the book. If I used it on the garments, the design is in there. You just won't believe the wide variety of designs included.

This book has a huge amount of all new information on techniques and products. If you like to create exciting garment modifications then Ready to Wear is for you!

Click here to see samples