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Bodacious Botanicals

Now you can create the kind of flowers that will be so beautiful you can almost sense their wonderful fragrances. Lilies, Bluebells, Clematis, and many more are here for your enjoyment.  Flowers created off the fabric with threads and hand dyed fabrics, ready to be added as the design calls for the petals. 

A different kind of embroidery…it is three dimensional. When others see the beautiful things you have created they will be amazed with your artistic creations.

There are 184 designs in this book. You’ll be using water soluble stabilizers to sew the petals…no cutting required after the satin stitching so you will have smooth edges when the petals are finished.  Everyone who sees these remark how amazingly beautiful the stitching is.

No guess work…as the designs sew, special placement stitches sew for the positioning of the petals.  Still not sure if you can do it?  No worry, Cindy has given you a step by step tutorial for creating them.  94 pages on the enclosed CD Rom will answer all the questions you may have about what sews when and where.

These flowers sew so quickly…soon after you start…you have wonderful new adornments on your new garments.  One warning…sewing these flowers is addictive!